What is Black Mass?

Started by illustrator and graphic designer, Bon Idle (Mitch Proctor) as a home for his comics, we now publish other artists' work and are always looking for more exciting work to publish and people to work with.

We love making comics, and we hope you love reading them!

Cool, but what's Risograph, then?

Unlike anything else and totally special, Bon Idle always tries to describe risograph as being like screen-printing with a photocopier...

Though they look like big office photocopiers, riso machines push ink, one colour at a time, through a stencil wrapped around a drum as paper is fed through it at high speeds. As these machines run cold and use soy-based ink, they are energy efficient, create minimal waste and are a generally more environmentally friendly way to print.

Because ink is pushed through a stencil of teeny-tiny-holes one colour at a time,  sometimes you get misregistration (misalignment, sorta like in newspapers!) and small differences in ink coverage, which means every single print is unique and special.